Real-life ALIEN? (VIDEO) Boy with ‘otherworldly’ knowledge of universe claims he’s from MARS!


A GENIUS boy whose knowledge of the universe has baffled experts claims he learnt it living on Mars.

“You can’t see them from Mars.

“When I was flying in space and when I was living on Mars…then I saw them.”

When Boriska – who was in his adolescents when the recording was recorded – uncovered his interest with the cosmic system, he began to guarantee he originated from Mars.

He said there is as yet a civilisation on the planet and that he was a martian pilot who ventured out to Earth.

He even claims there is significantly more to be found on Earth – especially in connection to the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Insider facts keep on being disentangled encompassing the notable pyramid and days prior, a puzzling mystery chamber was found inside it.



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