Barack Obama will reveal secret UFO documents ?! (VIDEO)


The end of the second and last presidential mandate of Barack Obama could mark the disclosure of extraterrestrial intelligence documents, according to unofficial sources …

Barack Obama is “close to revealing revolutionary knowledge of UFOs and alien species activities,” the British Mirror writes. They will do it, say unofficially anonymous and somewhat named sources, before the very end of their mandate, under the pressure of the election promise by Hillary Clinton to do the same if he becomes president of the United States. Stephen Bassett, executive director of Paradigm Research Group believes that after Obama will be something similar to British Prime Minister David Cameron. Bassett, for instance, in White House, lobbies for 20 homeworks and says he is “extremely excited” at the very edge of the great disclosure of secret information the US government has about extraterrestrial activity on Earth. “It will be one of the most important news ever published,” Bassett assured. “I’m 85% sure that Obama will do it, and that the British Prime Minister will make his footsteps afterwards,” he said.

Hillary Clinton has been talking about the importance of transparency in the case of extraterrestrial activity in the show Jimmy Kimmel a few months ago, and the head of her campaign John Podesta repeated it again. “I would like to get the insight into these documents and the greater the number of them to the public,” she said then. – If there is nothing, we have to tell people. If we do, we have to divide it if it does not disturb national security, she concluded in the show and actually disappointed many enthusiasts who now believe that if it comes to publication, it will be published only relatively irrelevant and irrelevant documents that will not give the answer again to decades questions, rumors, and speculations.


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