[VIDEO] WE had SEX with ALIENS !


There is a group of women in America who claim that they have been kidnapped by aliens, but also that they have had sex and have children who live with their fathers. Bridges Nilson and Aluna Vers are part of the “Hybrid Baby Community” group, which is trying to recruit more people who want to be parents of a new subtype that will take over the Earth one day when children who are doing alieners return to Earth in gigantic spaceships.  

The women in this group, about twenty years old, have said that sexual intercourse with the lizards was the best they ever had.   Bridges Nilsen (27) from Sedona, Arizona, a mother of hybrids and an assistant who recruits new parents across the group site. She described sexual intercourse with the lizard on a spaceship as “an unlikely, raw sexual experience”.   Nilsenova said that sexual intercourse with an alien was the best in her life. She claims that aliens are taking only women who want to be “kidnapped”.

She lives with her father and claims to have four boys and six girls who are regularly heard. “They create a hybrid race that will enhance mankind,” she said.   Parents have drawn their hybrid babies that look like a mix of man and a reptile with big black eyes.   Aluna Vers, a computer game designer who claims to have three hybrid extraterrestrial babies, said the spaceship was wrecked while in sleep, but to have a clear sense of sexual experience.   “I was sitting beside this green reptile being and I was just looking at it, and I was very surprised.” We had a love there in front of everyone and they all looked at us, maybe it sounds crazy, but that really happened, “Aluna said.



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