British Media:Six’UFOs’ spotted floating in sleepy Serbian Town (VIDE0)


As it appears in the description, the footage was created about 22:00h, showing six UFOs floating and disappearing one by one in 2-3 minutes. Because of this video, the Serbian town ended up in the British “Mirror”, so a text titled “UFO above the dormant Serbian town” was published.

The YOUTUBE users had different theories about what actually appeared in the sky above Donji Milanovac, and most commonly referred to were the Russians and the long promised “migs”. Some have argued that they are “mysterious Russian satellites” “The Russians launched the experimental satellite called” brightest of them all “, which should be folded up by huge reflective foils, and intended to reflect light on the ground, high on the record, and may have controlled the satellites and have done some surgery, or we’re surrounded by so many satellites that are new to the point that we’re not even aware of, “is just one of the comments below. Although we still did not find out what was sown over Milanovac, the Serbian town has been flooded up to the UK for this snapshot.


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