Shocking.. from the American Magazine : China and Russia obey the West Thanks to The Creatures of the Universe!


China and Russia will be subdued by western powers for the technology they have been given by aliens, claims Duncan Roads, Nexus magazine editor

The article claims that visitors from other planets are helping the Chinese to gain supremacy over the West, according to British
“Eastern superpowers have long been in contact with aliens, who help her develop a technological advantage over the United States and the rest of the Western world,” Duncan Roads said.

In a shocking statement, he points out that aliens are key to global events …

Many conspiracy theorists claim that aliens for years have been secretly living on Earth and working with world governments. According to theories, this is hiding from the public because of the fear that such knowledge could have consequences on religion and the rule of law.

Duncan Roads thinks that the newcomers who work with Chinese leaders are technologically advanced than those who work with Western rulers.

He believes in conspiracy theory that the secret societies of the Illuminati are actually beings from the universe that pull the ends of the shadow and rule the world’s governments.

“They control the elections and military actions of the United States, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Denmark, Norway, Japan and South Korea,” says Roads, and presumes that in the future China will include Russia, Malaysia and many other Asian , South American and African countries. ”

Rouds is convinced that humans are a hybrid race created by superior aliens who have visited us for several thousand years.

“In order to understand the future of mankind, we need to understand our past and our reason for existence,” says Roads.



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