Mystery CREATURE recorded in Taiwan! Scientists shocked… (VIDEO)



Accidental passers-by in Taiwan recorded a mysterious being that does not look like anything we’ve seen so far! They said they were shocked and

“they never saw anything like that before”.

“I found this on the ground and fell on our eyes. It looked so strange and people talked about different things about it, but we wanted to know what it was actually about.”   To make things even more strange, since biologists at the University of Taipei reviewed the video, the answer to the question about which animal was not arrived was because scientists did not see anything similar before. There was a theory that it was a mutated type of worm, but it was found that this creature was not physiologically distinctive to the worms, and that theory fell into the water.   Most of those who watched the video think that it is a creature that is not from this planet.

How do you feel?


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