NASA Alien cover-up: Astronaut blocks live feed as UFO flies past ISS (VIDEO)


NASA has been accused of covering up evidence of aliens – literally – after an astronaut appeared to block a video of UFOs.

They argue that the astronaut was shooting the Earth, and when the glittering balloon came into the frame, he deliberately covered the lens to hide it. “These are amazing recordings, I’ve never seen them before. How can I just explain this, “wrote one of the commentators. Although the footage can not really explain what this “flying ball” was all about, there is a whole host of possible explanations for such “UFO encounters”.

NASA spokesman in the past explained: “The rivalry of the space station windows, the structure of the space station, as well as the light from Earth itself, are just some of the possible explanations in such situations.” In November last year, UFOs came tremendously to the foot of the video, as they were convinced, of the extraterrestrial aircraft flew across the ISS. What made them particularly excited is the fact that at that moment the video stream was turned off. According to conspiracy theorists, that could not have been just a coincidence. Moreover, NASA accused them of hiding evidence of alien existence. So this is not the first time the foes see an unidentified flying object near the International Space Station. After all, take a look at the footage and bring your own conclusions about what it really is.



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