ALIENS: The 5 Greatest Alien Tales!


Regardless of whether someone believes in the UFO or not, then those who claim to have had very unusual encounters with aliens are there. Their experiences have always attracted attention, and the gods of some of them are able to raise their hair on the head.

Such stories are, among other things:

Roswell UFO incident 

In July 1947, an unknown flying object collapsed in the town of Roswell in the US state of New Mexico. Traces of metal parts scattered across the field were found by farmers William McBrazel and De Proctor. Soon there were glasses about the demolition of an alien spacecraft and the invention of their corpses. In the early 1990s, a film appeared allegedly linked to the incident at Roswell. The film shows an autopsy of a humanoid creature lying on an operating table. The authenticity of the movie has never been confirmed.

Cash -Landrum incident

Betty Cash, Vickie Landrum and Colby Landrum (Vickie’s 7 year old grandson)  were driven on December 29, 1980 in a house in Dayton, Texas. During the ride above the stable, a very bright light appeared due to which they had to stop the car. They got out of the car. Light had a diamond shape. Suddenly they felt the heat and then the mysterious object disappeared, and women suffered burns and dizziness. Since then every year on the same day they have been suffering from headaches.

Kecksburg UFO incident

Similar to Roswell and Kecksburg, Pennsylvania, in 1965, a mysterious object in the shape of the giant and the size of Volkswagen’s Buba collapsed. He had signs similar to Egyptian hieroglyphs. Soon the US Army came to the scene and took away the facility, and they did not want to say anything about the incident.

UFO in Colares

The Brazilian island of Colares became known for the appearance of UFOs that occurred in 1977. Witnesses, like women in the Cash-Landrum incident, suffered injuries that included burns and stab wounds, and were caused by intense radiation. At that time, doctor Valeaide Karvalaho, treated 35 patients who were diagnosed with exposure to excessive radiation. The victims had dizziness, headaches, low blood pressure, anemia, and permanent hair loss at the places where the skin was burned.

Incident in Varginha

It happened in Brazil in 1996. Opinions about the event are still divided, some believe that the media has created panic, but on the other hand there are witnesses and some home recordings. Unknown objects were seen in the sky, and soon afterwards strange creatures began to wander the streets. One creature was killed by a soldier and taken to a hook. The creature was 1.6 meters high, with a large head and a very thin body, brown skin and red eyes. Witnesses also say they looked wounded or sick. The body of another unusual creature was found two days later. A soldier who took part in the capture of beings passed away a week after the event of an unknown bacterial infection.


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