The ALIENS are preparing an ATTACK from the MOON?! NASA has the answer! (VIDEO)


On NASA’s photo, a rectangular shaped object was spotted for which UFOs experts claim that it could be done. A large “vehicle” is well visible in a detailed photograph of the US space agency, and analyzed by Sekjur Tim 10 (SecureTeam10), Youtube channel exploring the mysteries of the universe, Mirror writes. An ancient tank hidden among the ruins Tyler Glockner of Secure Tim 10, whose channel subscribed to almost a million people, said that it seems that the tenth object is in something that resembles ancient ruins. – Although it would be easy to work on a rocky boulder of an unusual shape, I want to notice its artistic nature, as it is a pro-guitar shape. The reason I said it looks like a tank is because, if you look at the right tank from above, you will see the hull and the dome on it, and this in the footage shows similar characteristics as those seen on Earth. If it’s a tank, it’s obvious that it’s very old, which would explain the worn-out look – said Glockner.

He added that the photo shows a “tank” in the field among scattered other objects, which act in metal or as pieces of the machine.



  1. I’ve heard the exact thing in North Carolina …had no idea what it was ..I thought they were doing construction near us but it was too loud….it sounded just like this….the noise is wicked and intimidating…I am going to keep a ear out cause I’ve heard it several times….next time I’ll record it now I know I’m not going mad…..peace…


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