To this day, scientists have failed to explain the phenomenon of occurrence on our planet  CroMagnon – a man of modern type. It’s a real secret: instead of a Neanderthal man, who had a low forehead and looked like a beast, 40,000 years ago, in the caves, suddenly, suddenly, beautifully built high-ranking beauties with beautiful skulls appeared. Where did these people come from? The study of the genetic code of Neanderthals became a real scientific sensation: it turned out they have very little in common with the genetic code of the modern (Chromanian) man. This discovery has completely shaken the evolutionary theory according to which the Neanderthal is part of the evolutionary tree of mankind. Again, however, the ancient ancestor of man is simply unknown. So, our “roots” are terminated 40 thousand backwards.

Secret in the Bible

As you can see, the Bible describes situations that can be interpreted in our time at the level of knowledge of contemporary civilization. And that was absolutely excluded only a hundred years ago. The Bible ‘animals’, ‘heruvime’ and ‘angels’ are described as human beings of beings. This is very important information. Only, is it possible that things do not stand in the opposite direction: is not it possible that even a modern man and a chrompanist who emerged from the earth appeared. It is possible that the answer to this question is also found in chapter 6 of the Bible. Here one can read this surprising text: “Then the sons of God saw that the daughters of the woman were beautiful and took them for themselves, as he chose. The sons of God began to come to the daughters of men, and they began to give birth to … They were strong, from ancient times famous people. ” In this way, the text of the Old Testament indicates the direct sexual contact of the highly developed “sons of God” with people.

Human Race is improved from Cosmos

Exposed can be interpreted as evidence of a close contact of people in the past with highly-developed beings of the ‘extraterrestrial’ type who, as far as possible, have improved the human race. We do not lose sight of the fact that our earthly civilization – in the universe of universe, whose age is estimated at about 14 billion years – did not appear even yesterday, but that there is literally only one microsecond. As a geologist, I do not question the validity of Darwin’s theory of evolution, which paleontologists find confirmation in the remains of organisms that lived hundreds of millions or billions of years ago. But the first steps of genetic engineering prove the possibilities of technically developed brain … Is it possible that some ancient technical civilization really influenced the evolution of people? It can not be ruled out that the genetic code of a man is partly borrowed from a comedian from a cosmos. As I have shown, there are certain assumptions for this conclusion.


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