Deformed ‘ALIEN’ child’s skull found in Crimea! (VIDEO)


The skeleton of a boy with a deformed and elongated skull was found in the Crimea, which additionally healed the theory that it was actually an alien remains.

Archaeologists found this unusual discovery near the village of Jakovenko, in the east of Crimea. It is believed that the skeleton dates back to the second century, and that the boy himself was about a year and a half old.

Due to the specific skull structure, the entire site received the title of an “extraterrestrial grave”. However, there seems to be an explanation for this phenomenon.

Of course, there will always be those who believe that unusual skulls belong to aliens. According to a theory that gained popularity in the 1960s, extraterrestrial beings from distant planets “sowed” people on Earth during a major intergalactic experiment. Finding these skeletons would just confirm the claim that aliens had visited our planet 2,000 years ago.


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