Taking into account all the assumptions, there is still no answer to what the pyramids were, how they worked and why they were built at all.
Pyramids are the result of very advanced technology, and the precision of construction works is so much that today’s technology can not be worn with it. The stones are cut and treated with a mean accuracy of 0.25mm, and a straight line error along the entire downhill corridor leading to the underground chamber is only 6mm, which is far better than the modern technology of building modern skyscrapers. Today’s stone industry in the federal state of Indiana in the United States should take 27 years with 100% of its production capacity to cut and transport the amount of stone needed to build the Great Pyramid. It is assumed that the construction of the pyramid has lasted so much.

And finally, the holes drilled by the trefoing method in the granite ‘sarcophagus’, located in the royal chambers, show that the tubular drum enters the material 500 times deeper per turn than today’s modern diamond drill. The only way to do this would be using ultrasound vibrations at some 19 to 25 kHz, with quartz in the granite due to resonance losing its hardness and allowing the drill to enter.

In short, the technology of the microprocessor at a time when, at least according to the archaeologist’s claim, there was no point, and the tool was primitive, based on wooden and copper wedges.
The technology existed, the knowledge was clearly at an enviable level, and the ancient chemical civilization built incredibly precise buildings. Such precision and technological ingenuity is not really needed for megalomaniac mastabs, that is, the tomb, so the question arises what is what we see today as the great pyramids, what the Chemists called Per Nether? …

Some people think that the pyramids served for burying kings, but not so. The pyramids originally produced high-frequency energy. Pi means high-frequency waves. Ra is the sound of the spiral. We mean collecting, attracting. To signifies a large building. Pi-ra-mi-do. The pyramid gathers the power of the universe. Energy comes from the earth. Two thirds of the top of the pyramid and one point from the bottom are the energy storage. From there, naturally automatically produces the energy that is supplied and stimulates the natural growth of plants and crops.


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