Is this an ALIEN BASE on Mars? (VIDEO)


“Gugl Mars” shows the interactive map of Mars, but it also leaves a lot of imagination at will.
It is possible that any astronomer from the chair hopes to use it to find life on Mars. And it seems that one of them might have found, or at least that, claims David Martins, the NPR portal quotes.

The video, featuring the site that Martins called “Biostasis of Alpha,” has caused controversial views of internet users. While the alleged object appears on “Gugl Mars”, scientists dispute the idea that it shows that there is a life on Mars.

On the recordings made by the satellite on Mars, he says that some glass structures are clearly visible.

According to him, the base contains solar cells, and besides, there is a powerful radar.

Internet users have a shared view of how this base appeared on the Red Planet. Some believe that the buildings have been made by aliens, while others are believed to be the American secret base, the “Halturner Shou” is transmitted.

Planet geologist Alfred McEwen of the University of Arizona says that “on space photographs made outside of our magnetosphere, such as those made by orbiting telescopes, it’s fairly common to see these cosmic rays.

“He says that it is a fault with the Sun’s reflection, but he does not even know which camera he has taken and does not know where the raw data are,” says Martins.

The original video footage, which had more than 1.2 million views, was withdrawn from Youtube but later reissued.


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