Scientific geniuses and Russian billionaires gave 100 million dollars to Hunt For Aliens, and these are the results…


The Project ” Breakthrough Listen” which represents the most extensive SETI project launched two years ago, has released preliminary results of its hunt on the radio signals of alien creatures. Currently, 11 potentially prospective signals are being processed.

Endrion Simion from the SETI Center at the University of Berkeley said that the whole world could have access to research material as scientists involved in the project sent information and scientific articles for publication to leading astronomical journals around the world.

– We have not yet found any evidence of the existence of alien intelligence, but we have just begun this quest. What we did under the “Breakthrough Listen” project allows us to conduct deeper and more systematic searches – said Simion.

Two years ago, Russian billionaire Yuriy Milner and cosmologist Stephen Hawking invested $ 100 million in a ten-year search for aliens known as the “Breakthrough Listen” initiative.


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