EXCLUSIVE! (UFO) True story of Kate R. !


True story of Kate R.



It was 12:15 am 24th August. I took the dogs out to the green at the end of my road in Little Sutton at the top of Thorne Drive. I kept the dogs on the lead and just wondered around waiting to do their business. It was pitch black and only the street lights were giving any dull light to where i was standing. I noticed a sharp breeze.

I was in an area with lots of trees and the breeze became quite strong and the trees/ leaves were moving rapidly. The whole sky lit up above me and as i looked up the lights above me were blinding bright. I just froze looking up. I remeber shouting but i can’t remember what i said. There were maybe 5 bright white lights. Smaller lights dotted around too.

The object covered the whole area i was in. Maybe 3/4 of the size of a football pitch. The object moved vertically upwards back into the sky at a ridiculously fast speed like it had been sucked up!! I ran off back to my house that fast that one of my dogs slipped its lead. The dogs were freaked out too and unable to settle afterwards. I noticed a ringing in my ears for hours after but the object was completely silent. Thats about it really. It was over in a matter of seconds.


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