Flying Giants, Aliens or ?! THEY ARE AMONG US!


Flying Giants

Mysterious creatures wander through the sky. The wings of the face of an enormous man, blush-colored eyes and gray, making incredible maneuvers in the air, have been seen for more than half a century all over the globe. Is it an unknown outlet of life, mutants or alien cyborgs? Along with the legendary jet, his cousin from the American continent called ‘Big Foot – Big Foot’ and some more creatures with more or less similarities with people, there are persistently, from time to time, a mysterious motif. It’s about a being that many eyewitnesses describe as a human bird. More precisely, as being with the body and head of a man, who has wings instead of the hand.

Mothman is most often seen on the American continent, but people also meet him in other parts of the world, including several European countries. Are these flying creatures really there, and if there are what they are and where they are, there is still no answer for now. Are not motors, however, the fruit of individual, even collective suggestions and hysteria? This question is even more understandable when it is known that, unlike the largest number of other mysterious creatures claimed to live with us and with us and photographed, there is no picture for the bird people. Therefore, opinions of the existence, or non-existence of these beings, are diametrically opposite. On the one hand, those who categorically reject even the very idea that the birds can be a reality, and on the other, they warn that they have long been rejected and that UFOs exist, to show that they are not just a fiction.


And everything that has happened over the past five decades in relation to bird people, or flying people, began in June 1954. In the Italian port of Livorno anchored the ship ‘Duilio’. While all his crew was on vacation, on the land, the sailor B.A. – it is interesting that his identity of the naval authorities has not been revealed to the public to this day, so the question arises – Why? About noon B.A. Over a cloudy sky, on a fairly high level, saw a flock of birds flying in a characteristic formation in the form of letter V, in which flight all birds are moving. In order to determine what kind of birds it is and why they migrate, he took binoculars. And then he was breathless. Because, instead of seeing birds, he saw a flock of ‘people with wings’, who had completely crazy faces. At the same time when B.A., this formation was also noticed by three warships with three warships, also anchored in the harbor – Livorno was partly a civilian, and partly a military port. They reported, however, about the inflatable formation of unusually small planes V, flying at a height of about 1,000 meters – there are written documents in both the logs and the register of the port’s command). B.A. Said that “people fly birds without waving their wings”, which is a guard on warships and led to the assessment of the airplanes. The guards also reported that the formation at high speed began to collapse towards the civilian part of the port, so that immediately thereafter, at a rapid pace, in a sweeping flight, it would lose sight of it. И Б.А. Also said that the birds of the high-speed, low-flying ‘Duilio’ and immediately ‘disappeared’. But, he added, as the ship overtook, he managed to see how their eyes were bright in a bright red color and that their wings were somehow rigid and immobile. The moment of the overflow of these beings over the ‘Duel’ was seen by another of his sailors who just returned from land to ship to replace B.A. For some reason, and his, as well as the testimony of B.A., if what was reported by the guards of warships was declared “an object about which one should not speak”. Hence the events over Livorno did not find out much for the next 22 years


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