OMG! I saw an Alien ! How I met an Alien?


I saw an Alien ! How I met an Alien?

When I was 10 years old. I saw an alien. It was at night, if I had to guess, I really don’t remember, but everyone in my house was still awake. My older sister Emy was outside, actually in front of our house. Our house was pretty large and had a fairly large and tall bush right at the side of the fence near the back door.I’m trying to give all the details.

Emy was staring at the bush, she was scared and she wasn’t moving at all. I had seen her so I went outside and I tried to get her attention but she was concentrating so hard at something beside the bush,and it was so weird for her not to respond. I looked at what Emy was staring at, and once I spotted it, I got my sisters attention. When I saw that „thing“, It was no more than 3 feet tall,grey in color,big bald head,large black eyes,no clothes,long arms,weird fingers,didn’t have any genitalia,no nose or at least just slits for a nose.I wasn’t scared,just shocked,I have always before then believed in aliens,but never imagined id stand right in front of one,If you saw it you could easily tell its no human or anything from this world.

But, at that moment we saw it, it just started slowly walking to the side of the bush,hands on the deck rail,while staring back at us,it was a bit unnerving when it did that,by the way it moved,I can’t really describe it better than i already did. My sister wanted to go get our dad, and I wanted to go get my camera,but it was probably stupid to do, because once she got our dad and i had ran really fast up to my room to grab my camera,and came back, the alien was gone :/. So,that was the first and last time both of us saw an alien.I’ve never even seen a UFO/spaceship, nor was there one right at that time when we saw the alien.So its just weird,I want to know why it was at my house??? and why was it out in the open,by that i mean,where alot of people are living, and awake at that time.To me, it seemed like we saw it on accident, like at the wrong place wrong time.I don’t even know!

Anyways,Has anyone else ever seen one of the greys? What is your opinion on what happened? and if you have any questions,feel free to ask, I will answer to the best of my knowledge of the experience.


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